LouLou Kiss Hood for Windy Days

 LouLou Kiss Hooded Scarf is simply and fast to knit, you just need any medium weight yarn approx 550 yards and your choice of 5mm or 6mm straight knitting needles to make this adorable accessorie

Pattern include how to make the buttonholes, so this pattern is great for all beginners! try it, you will love it and will add an elegant and mysterious look to your outfits!
 I adore my LouLou Kiss Hood Scarf, and this way I solve my problem about windy days, so now when is windy in Venice, I just grab my LouLou Hood and I keep my hair in order plus keep me warm in cold days!

This make a great Christmas Gift too, for someone special
You can purchase your LouLou Hood pattern Here on etsy
and if you prefer to purchase on Raverly and keep it handy on your library this is the link LouLou Hood

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Thank you my dears and please visit me next week for more knitting and crochet!
I wish you all a great week!
Lilia Vanini/Liliacraftparty


  1. These would keep away the wind and keep me warm, they are wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing on Friday Features Linky Party this week! Wishing you a great week!

    1. My pleasure and thank you for the lovely party every week!

  2. These hoods are lovely! Beautifully knitted. Love the chunky yarn look and the chunky buttons! Wish it got cold enough where I live to wear something like this. Pinned.

    1. Oh! thank you so much and happy you like my work! very soon these hoods will be knitting using malabrigo yarn, new collection on progress!
      Thank you again

  3. I am loving these hoods. I decided to cut my hair this year and I'm loving it, but winter is approaching and I have no hair to cover my ears. These hoods would be perfect. I'm really feeling the first one. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.


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